ThinAir Simplifies Information Visibility and Security

ThinAir continuously discovers, records and tracks every information creation, consumption and communication event at the data-element level, on every endpoint. The lightweight SaaS-based solution is simple to deploy and use. ThinAir provides real-time monitoring and alerting of any suspicious actions related to organization’s sensitive information.

When the unforeseen breach occurs, ThinAir helps enterprises quickly and precisely identify and confirm the incident. It provides the associated context and evidence necessary to support the investigation.

This continuous monitoring and visibility at the data-element level allows ThinAir to quickly identify the precise vector of exfiltration and provide the overall scope of the breach, and its monetary impact. Using ThinAir’s cloud-based console, IT and security teams can gain this level of detail within seconds, instead of spending weeks trying to manually piece together the “crime scene”.

ThinAir Solves These Problems

Insider Threat

Situation: A credit card number was compromised. David was the only employee who opened the file containing this card number in the last 6 months.

Solution: ThinAir investigation capabilities can instantly identify everyone that had the access and opportunity to exfiltrate any piece of data. It reduces investigations from months to seconds.

intellectual Property Loss

Situation: Prior to quitting the company, Sam encrypted and then copied 14,000 files containing intellectual property to a USB thumb drive.

Solution: ThinAir observes and records all user interactions with sensitive files, so analysts can see exactly how all data is used, accessed, stored, and shared. Organizations now have complete visibility into their enterprise, with a historical audit log of all activity.

automated exfiltration

Situation: Two weeks ago, an unknown process accessed 30 documents that contained details of an upcoming M&A.

Solution: ThinAir allows admins to rewind the “tape” of all data interactions for up to two years into the past. Investigation can be started from any piece of data that was suspected as leaked or an application name.

device loss or theft

Situation: A corporate laptop with sensitive information was stolen from a car. Did it contain those secret floor plans? Did someone access any data from the system after it was stolen?

Solution: With ThinAir it is extremely easy to get the full scope of the leak as well as to see who, when and using what application interacted with the data at any point in time.