Public sector is at high risk of Cyber-Espionage, Misuse and Errors, with 40% of insiders as threat actors

Public sector entities are the third most prevalent breach victim at 12% as per the latest Verizon Data Breach Report. Cyber-Espionage, Privilege Misuse and Miscellaneous Errors represent 81% of breaches with 40% of the threat actors being internal to the organization.

Additionally, almost 60% of the breaches take years to discover due to a multitude of factors, including high incidence of espionage-related attacks that are harder to detect and lack of resources needed to detect and investigate the problems.

ThinAir helps you understand where your sensitive information resides, who accessed it, when and how. And, if that data leaves the organization, they need to be informed and have an ability to investigate the leak in seconds.

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ThinAir Simplifies Public Sector Information Security


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