#1 Asset of Today’s Digital Enterprise:
INFORMATION is at risk

ThinAir is the only purpose-built insider detection & investigation platform designed to address one of the biggest security problems impacting Healthcare, Finance, Public Sector, Technology and a host of other organizations across the globe – the hidden risk from those you trust the most – the INSIDER!

  • Insiders have access and expertise to steal high value information
  • 93% of breaches are financial and espionage related
  • Insider threats pose high risk for IT operations, security and compliance

Minimize the Insider Risk in Your Organization

While Controlling the Escalating Cost of Data Leaks and Fines

IT Operations

ThinAir discovers and inventories the information across all your endpoints and users. You know exactly where all your information resides, who has access to it and how it is being used.

security Operations

ThinAir helps you assess, monitor and investigate Insider Threats within seconds. You can instantly find out critical information about your risk exposure, suspicious insider activity and in case of a breach the exact scope, vector and impact of the data loss.


ThinAir continuously monitors and records every user-data interaction at data-element level, on every endpoint. You can track compliance, and get instant alerts when a user falls out of policy with the entire footage of what happened.